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Fastest single engine passenger plane. VistaJet records 'strongest year ever' and plots expansion


    About us Enjoy the best service and benefits combined together ZellAir GmbH founded inoffers a completely new flight service with single engine turbine aircrafts.

    single wohnung graz appen flirten

    As one of the first in europe we had the regulatory fastest single engine passenger plane to get access to thousands of airports and aerodromes all over europe where business jets are not able to land. Business Jets are only able to land on a few hundred of airports in europe because of their performance.

    fastest single engine passenger plane

    This allows us to bring you closer to your destination. Before you had to take a flight to Salzburg and change to a helicopter for another 20 minutes flights to reach Zell am See.

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    Now you can fly directly from London or somewhere else to Zell am See and safe time and money. Aircrafts Rent your single or multiengine piston aircraft from ZellAir to fly by yourself as a pilot or with a flight instructor or take advantage of our europe-wide network to charter any aircraft for your mission.

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    As your brooker we are able fastest single engine passenger plane find the most suitable aircraft for your needs. Ask for a small two seater or multi engine aircraft up to business jets like Citations or Gulfstreams including business airliners and helicopters.

    fastest single engine passenger plane