SA UST Short Shooting Head interm/s3

Sa single hand skagit line, Spey Lite Skagit Head Grain


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    Spey Lite Scandi Head Ultra-short head for turning over heavy tips with light two-handed rods. Introducing our Spey Lite collection, and the Scandi Head. Designed for light double-handed duty and with a relatively long front taper for more delicate deliveries, the Scandi Head is ideal for smaller streams and trout Spey applications.

    sa single hand skagit line

    Available in grain weights fromthis two-colored head features a textured, black marker at the end of the head that serves as a visible notification on where to begin your cast. From riffling dries for spring steelhead to swinging streamers for trout, the Spey Lite Scandi Head is Spey on a smaller scale.

    Wonder if a shooting head is grain or a ?

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    Lines with AST easily shed dirt, algae, and other parasitic drag particles, allowing lines to cast farther, float higher, and stay cleaner than traditional lines. The sleek design also maintains buoyancy for improved fly-line flotation and enables quicker connections between fly line and leaders or fly line and backing.

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