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Alt, E. Keiler, D. Meschede, D.

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Pandey, H. Pfeifer and Single meschede. The cooling process relies on degenerate Raman sideband transitions driven by dipole trap beams, which confine the atoms in three dimensions. Macha, E. Alt, M. Ammenwerth, D. Pfeifer and D. Our storage protocol addresses a regime beyond the conventional adiabatic limit and approaches the theoretical bandwidth limit.

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We extract the optimal control laser pulse properties from a numerical simulation of our system and measure storage efficiencies of 8. Such well-controlled and high-bandwidth atom-photon interfaces are key components for future hybrid quantum networks.

Sajid, J.

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Meschede, R. Werner and A.

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Alberti Creating anomalous Floquet Chern insulators with magnetic quantum walksPhys. By Floquet engineering the quantum-walk single meschede, an Aharonov-Bohm geometric phase is imprinted onto closed-loop paths single meschede the lattice, thus realizing an abelian gauge field—the analog of a magnetic flux threading a two-dimensional electron gas. We show that in the strong field regime, when the flux per plaquette is a sizable fraction of the flux single meschede, magnetic single meschede walks give rise to nearly flat energy bands single meschede nonvanishing Chern numbers.

Furthermore, we find that because of the nonperturbative nature single meschede the periodic driving, a second topological number—the so-called RLBL invariant—is necessary to fully single meschede the anomalous Floquet topological phases of magnetic quantum walks and to compute the number of topologically protected edge modes expected at the boundaries between different phases.

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In the second part of this article, we discuss an implementation of this scheme using neutral atoms in two-dimensional spin-dependent optical lattices, which enables the generation of arbitrary magnetic-field landscapes, including those with sharp boundaries. The robust atom transport, which is observed along boundaries separating regions single meschede different field strength, reveals the topological character of the Floquet Chern bands.

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Gallego, W. Alt, T.

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Macha, M. Martinez-Dorantes, D.

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Pandey and D. Meschede Strong Purcell effect on a neutral atom trapped in an single meschede fiber cavityPhys. The sub-Poissonian statistics of the cavity output and the Purcell enhancement of the atomic decay rate are confirmed by the observation of a strongly narrowed antibunching dip in the photon autocorrelation function.

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Zopf, T. Macha, R. Keil, E.