Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding

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Peter Falck—notary, soldier, diplomat, politician, pilgrim, humanist and bookman—was one such generous spirit, as his books still demonstrate five centuries later. He came of bourgeois stock: his father Bernhard d. In Falck returned to Fribourg and began a career in public service.

It pays tribute to personalities who in their book publications have rendered outstanding services towards the advancement of reconciliation throughout Europe, particularly with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

For these curators, the furtherance of European reconciliation, above all with Central and Eastern Europe, is seen as a particular responsibility for Leipzig as a traditional city of the book trade and book fairs, and they intend to contribute to its fulfilment in their joint presentation of the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding.

Ryback Knopf, pp. And few rooms in that building seem more ordinary, even banal, than the rare book storage area where 1, books from the collection of Adolf Hitler stand tightly packed on steel shelves.

A panel of prestigious international judges selects the award-winner. The Award is endowed with prize money of 20, Euro.

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The Award is presented every year during the official opening of Leipzig Book Fair. No, it would have been equally apt in light of the events in Ferguson, Charlottesville, Washington, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Dortmund or Chemnitz and during a fair number of plenary sessions in the German parliament as well. The flames of intolerance are flaring up with increasing frequency, and with increasing frequency they are accompanied by violence.

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In some places they are spreading like wildfire, threatening the destruction of vibrant societies built on liberty and respect.

Amidst these difficult times, the zeal, urgency and the powerfully committed intelligence we encounter in Masha Gessen - as an author and a citizen - offer a persuasive lifeline.

Hagia Sophia/ Ayasofya: False Premise, Prophecy, Imran Hosein

She placed four life stories at the heart of this spectacular single taken building my empire book, in her own words, 'sweepingly factographic Russian novel': ailing under the oppression of Putin's policies, four young people face the potential wreckage of their hopes in life.

The emancipatory awakening of the nineties is being smothered, sometimes beaten down savagely. Gessen's allusion to the lack of democratic instruments within post-Soviet society sharpens our awareness for the erosion of our own egalitarian institutions, the threat looming single taken building my empire book what we had always assumed to be guaranteed.

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An important book, implacable, stirring and at the same time piercing in its analysis. The relentless attacks on civil and human rights described and documented on its pages apply to increasing numbers of western countries as well.

The Future is History speaks to us in this regard also, as the attacks are aimed at precisely the values and convictions upon which any form of European understanding must inevitably be built.

single taken building my empire book

Reading One of Us is a disturbing experience. But she is in her home country on 22 Julywhere she experiences the terrorist attack on the government district in Oslo and the inconceivable massacre on the island of Utoya.

Peter Falck and Friends: A Renaissance Man and His Library

Seventy-seven people die. All of it planned and executed by a single man, Anders Breivik. His aim: the 'independence of Europe'. His enemies: Islam and the single taken building my empire book feminist agenda'.

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One of Us is the stunning attempt to understand. Yet at some point, he drops out, deciding 'to inflict unimaginably brutal harm on society. In doing so, she has created a documentary novel that is instructively balanced between a report and a narration, between fact and imagination, and thus unleashes a monumental maelstrom of forces.

Fromms: How Julius Fromm's Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis

It contains fundamental truisms on the threatening age in which we are living. Her book compels us to ask questions about inclusivity and community and about which elements are needed to produce mindful, dignified coexistence.

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  • Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding - Stadt Leipzig
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The age of grand, pestilent simplifications has descended upon us — accompanied by a cynicism built on just one principal constituent: ignorance.

The success of populists, the incipient spread of prejudice directed at all things supposedly foreign, are dramatic testimonies. The Arab world in particular is falling victim to this unraveling.

Shelves: historicalholocaustnonfiction This was an interesting book. I had anticipated more emphasis on why Fromm went into the condom business, as well as more detail on how condoms are made, but instead the bulk of the book was an accounting of the thefts perpetrated against the Fromm family by the Nazis. While I had heard of Nazis appropriating Jewish property, this book goes into more depth about the extent of the crimes. Overall I liked it, but I would have liked to know more about Fromm's feelings during and after the war.

So in an age penned in by division and hate on all sides, Mathias Enard appears as a unique mediator, not a proselytiser, and instead as a passionate Oriental researcher possessing an immense wealth of knowledge and the power of his literary voice. Effervescent with knowledge, his novel Compass demonstrates how the Islamic, Christian and Jewish traditions are interwoven. More than this, he proves the centuries of influence that the Orient has exerted on European culture: the Occident is inconceivable without the Orient.

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This towering, melancholic and yet worldly novel, a literary celebration of our shared cultural legacy that simultaneously evokes the ongoing barbaric acts of destruction laying waste to the Arab regions, ends with a simple sentence, a dedication.

It reads: For the Syrians. Displaying sound judgement, immense expertise and a singular dedication to painstaking research, his work sources the ideas of the American and French revolutions to interpret the normative project of Western values, namely the inalienability of human rights, the separation of powers, the sovereignty of nations, the rule of law and the representative nature of democracy.

Building a monumental narrative transcending states and continents, Winkler shows a keen sense of proportion in his clear and lucid writing, tracing the centuries-old struggle to uphold the societal accomplishments of and